HPLC Preventative Maintenance and IQ/OQ/PQ

  • Nationwide Laboratory Services

  • Preventative Maintenance, Calibration, and Repair of All Brands

  • Onsite Service in Certain Geographical Regions

  • Multi-tiered Service

  • 25 years of experience

On-Site Service Or Mail-In To Our New State Of The Art Lab

Femto Scientific provides a full range of HPLC preventative maintenance (PM), IQ/OQ/PQ, validation, and repair services. We can also provide consultation services for new instrument setup and on-site service for troubleshooting and repair of instruments.

Below are a few of the manufacturers we service:

  • Agilent 1050, 1100, 1200, and 1260 series
    Degassers: G1322, G1379

    Pumps: G1310, G1311, G1312, G1376, G1361

    Autosamplers: G1313, G1329, G1367, G1377, G2258, G2260

    Fraction Collector: G1364

    ALS Thermostat: G1330

    Column Heater: G1316

    Detectors: G1314, G1315, G1321, G1362, G1365

  • Hitachi
    L-series Systems

  • Thermo Scientific / Dionex
    UltiMate 3000

  • Waters
    Alliance: 2690, 2695, 2790, 2795
    Acquity: UPLC
    Pumps: 515, 600, 610, 616, M-45
    Detectors: 486, 2487, 996, 2996, Acquity PDA, Acquity TUV, 410, 2410, 2414, 474, 2475

  • Shimadzu
    Pumps: LC-10AD/vp, LC-10AT/vp, LC-6A, LC-20AD, LC-20AP
    Autosamplers: SIL-10A, SIL-10AP, SIL-10AF, SIL-20A
    Column Ovens: CTO-10A/vp, CTO-20A
    Detectors: SPD-10A/vp, SPD-M10A, SPD-M20A, SPD-20A/20AV
    Prominence UPLC

  • PerkinElmer Series 200 Systems

  • Software: Chemstation, Empower, Millenium, Masslynx, Xcalibur, Atlas, Shimadzu Class-VP, TurboChrom, TotalChrom, Analyst

  • And Many More!


Femto Scientific’s Various Services

  • Preventative Maintenance Services:
    • Replacement of consumables as specified by manufacturer
    • Diagnostic testing
    • System cleaning

  • IQ/OQ/PQ Services:
    • For instrument moves or installation of new instrumentation
    • Comprehensive testing to ensure accuracy and precision of instruments
    • Replacement of consumables

  • Consultation Services:
    • New instrument setup
    • Instrument moves
    • Inventory management

Femto Provides Preventative Maintenance, IQ/OQ/PQ, Validation, and Repair Services In These Locations But Not Limited To:

  • New York City, New York (NY) – Manhattan

  • Somerset, New Jersey (NJ)

  • Boston, Massachusetts (MA)

  • Cambridge, Massachusetts (MA)

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)

  • Baltimore, Maryland (MD)

  • Bethesda, Maryland (MD)

  • New Haven, Connecticut (CT)

  • Hartford, Connecticut (CT)

  • Providence, Rhode Island (RI)

  • Newark, Delaware (DE)

  • Manchester, New Hampshire (NH)

  • Rochester, New York (NY)

  • Richmond, Virginia (VA)

  • Durham, North Carolina (NC)

  • Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)

  • San Diego, California (CA)

  • San Francisco, California (CA)

  • Los Angeles, California (CA)

  • Denver, Colorado (CO)

  • Houston, Texas (TX)

  • Phoenix, Arizona (AZ)

  • St. Louis, Missouri (MO)

  • Cincinnati, Ohio (OH)

  • Cleveland, Ohio (OH)

  • Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)

Note: All instruments must be decontaminated from radioactivity, biohazardous material and toxic substances.

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